Our Pets

   Above is my dog Tonya prounced [Tonja]she is a belgian malinos she was trained in the german language.She is an indoor dog and, I swear she thinks she's human.

Jingle Bells

   This pic is took in my living room on Christmas.Now do you believe she thinks she human LOL!!!

Social Dragonflys

Ok at my grandmas house(emmas grandmas house) there r theses dragonflys that will come up and land on ur finger heres some pics

Pics That Waz Took @ Kristen's Aunt's House

   This iz kristen's aunts puppy they found him {luke} and his brother{Bo}on the side of the road they were put out so they became strays...below r some pics of animals that waz took @ kristens aunts...


Bre Bre

Thiz iz Kristen's dog her name iz bre bre she iz so sweet..she haz a sis but i couldn't get the pic .her sis's name iz doll face.The 2 dogs had about 6 bros and sisters,but they either got gave away or run over.You see their mother waz a stray[her nickname waz big momma] and came to kristens they took her in. She later had 6 or 7 little puppies.Unfortunatally she got ran over so the puppies that was still at kristens waz motherless... and today the only ones left iz Doll Face and Bre Bre.

They are about 13 or 14 months old and doing very well they love to go out and explore in the woods behind kristens house every time i go up there they make the stay a ....well who am i kidding they are really annoying but they do have their good moments LOL!!!!!!!


Here are some awsome email pics!!!!!


CHUG ,CHUG ,CHUG...he has a bigggggggg mouth!!!!


He made a touchdown...of cuteness!!!!!!!!


Polly want a cracker???

Bambi and Thumper

Cats With Paint Jobs!?!?!?

   To have your cat painted cost about 15,000 dollars every 3 months!!!! I bet these cats have attacked their owners alot!!!Just saying I would if I looked like these kitties!!!!


  I love turkeys especially on Thanksgiving...mmm good!!!!!!

    The turkey above has no idea what coming on Thanksgiving he is way to happy!!!!

   Poor turkeys prayin for his life!!!!Dont eat me gobble...gobble dont eat me i ll be a good turkey!!!!

   Okay thats just AKWARD...


Swim fishy swim, imagine a shark chasing u...roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunny Calender

This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!

do u get it ?????????LOL

Email Jokes

So how's YOUR day going? Let me guess.....

First you had trouble getting out of bed...

You had a stiff neck...

You washed your hair and couldn't do a thing with it...

Your new diet really doesn't seem to be working out...

You pulled a muscle when you tried to exercise...

You keep losing things....

The boss chewed you out at work...

You got caught in the rain at lunchtime...

Then the lunch you had didn't seem to agree with you...

You feel trapped...

Uninvited guests showed up at dinnertime...

On top of that you think you're coming down with the flu...

And finally, you're alone in the house at night when you think you hear a noise in the basement...


Thought for the Day


Handle every stressful situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it,
just pee on it and walk away!


Under Da Sea

We're singing this song[under da sea] in choir its 1 of our favs

Bye Bye Birdie

Froggies and Snakeies

Furry Thingz