Football is a great sport for guys and some girls. It gives you a ton of strength. And it is also middle school you can try out when your in 7th grade, but some younger children can get involved in this sport as young as 6 years old!!!!!!!!!!!Some kids that stay with it go though out college.Speaking of college you could get a scolership playing football!!!

   Games at the highschool are every Friday.


   Basketball is awsome!!!!!!!Kristen and I are trying out for basketball at the rec this year!!!!!!WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Girls and guys can play basketball.And basketball is very common to could play upper basketball,or you could play on a team that you didn't have to try out for.


Allstar Team

   You know whats awsome I made the allstar team in basketball,and its only my first year!!!!!!yipee!!!And no im not being sarcastic!!!!

Basketball Videos


   OK softball is super popular.Cause it is basically like baseball.I'm not a big fan of the sport myself but a ton of people are!!!!


   I do not like soccer....I don't get the rules.But I love watching soccer...I just don't like playing it....but alot of kids and grown-ups do!!!


Volly Ball